Thursday, May 25, 2006


Sen. Santorum Pledges to Vote Against the Immigration Bill due to amnesty

Senator Rick Santorum outlines his views on immigration in his podcast.

Senator Santorum continues to prove why he's one of the few true conservatives left in the Senate. Santorum's views on immigration are in line with your every day conservative -- secure the borders, no amnesty to those who break the laws. Santorum knows that if we allow any program, such as the guest-worker program, that eventually leads to amnesty, that such a program would only encourage more immigrants to enter our country -- illegally.

Sen. Santorum also recognizes that the House is not going to approve of the way the Senate bill is currenty written, mostly due to the fact that the House contains principled conservatives like Sen. Santorum who actually have spines.

Here is my proposal: Secure the borders. Stop illegal immigration. Slowly increase legal immigration quotas as illegal immigration decreases.

Read: Rick Santorum on Immigration in the National Review: How not to fix our immigration laws.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Bob Casey Jr. sends a Political Operative to spy on Santorum's home

This is unbelivable. The Casey campaign apparently is spying on Santorum's home in Virginia, filled with 6 kids. Unbelivable.
The Casey campaign has been making a big deal that Santorum lives in VA. Maybe that's because Santorum is a family man who wants to spend the week with his wife and 6 children. He should be commended for this, or at least be left alone because its a family issue.
Casey is an absolute thug and must be feeling the heat now as his lead continues to shrink...
From the Santorum Campaign:
You may have seen on the news last night an investigative report
that revealed the shocking news of a
Casey campaign operative peeking
into the windows of the Santorum family home
Even more shocking, the Casey campaign is embracing these
tactics, and yesterday put out false information about the Santorum family,
further risking the safety of the Santorum's young children and the security of
their home.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Sen. Rick Santorum on Religious Freedom

Just finished Sen. Rick Santorum's Townhall article on religious freedom. Thank you Rick for your continued principled leadership in the United States Senate, especially moral issues!

Read his article here.

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