Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I am getting sick of blogging about Bob Casey being SILENT on Altio!

... so I signed this petition!


Noah Finley of Geneva College Joins Pittsburgh Students for Santorum Team!

Noah Finley, a sophomore at Geneva College, has joined the Pittsburgh Students for Santorum campaign, and will help with Santorum outreach at Geneva.

Finley has done it all in campaigns: forming databases, phone banking, canvassing, walking in parades, campaign organizing.. You name it he's done it.

Finley has also served as Vice-Chairman of Randolph County Young Republicans, and Vice President of Geneva College Republicans. Finley will also serve as an intern in Melissa Hart's office this semester. Finally, Finley has experience in marketing and fundraising.

We welcome Finley's experience and look forward to working with Geneva college republicans to help re-elect Sen. Santorum!

Want to join the team? E-Mail with your name, school, organization(s), and any political expereince you have today!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Bob Casey on Alito... Still Waiting... And Waiting...

Short Summary of Bob Casey's apperance on the Michael Smerconish talk show this morning...

This guy is just dumb. He's purely running off of his dad's name and has absolutely no political insight of his own. He either goes by what Santorum says or what the dems way the heck out in left field tell him to say.

More on Alito.. This is a great letter released today by Santorum's campaign manager.:

Pittsburgh, PA - Despite Bobby Casey, Jr.'s public silence on the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito, Vince Galko, campaign manager for Santorum 2006, issued a letter of congratulations to Casey, Jr., for his expected support of the nomination.

"I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you ahead of time for what we expect will be your support of the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court," wrote Galko.

"Just as you have done in the past, you wait for Senator Santorum to do the in-depth analysis on an issue, and then days or weeks later, you come out with the same position. For example, on questions about supporting the Iraq war or working to reduce home heating costs, you watched Rick Santorum articulate his positions, and then followed his lead by stating the same position on the issue."

"As for Judge Alito, Senator Santorum spent a great deal of time studying his record and qualifications, and personally asked him many questions about his judicial philosophy during their meeting. The Senator recognizes the unique responsibility that he has as a senator to consider judicial nominees, and he closely examined Judge Alito before voicing his support of his nomination."

"There is no question that Judge Alito will be a fair-minded justice on the Supreme Court, and we congratulate you for following Rick Santorum's leadership with your expected support of this well-qualified nominee," Galko concluded.

I love it.

Monday, January 16, 2006


Rush on Santorum

From the Friday's Rush program, text courtesy of

"The Santorum situation is it’s got some people concerned. His opponent, Casey, has got a very recognizable name. And is being passed off as a kind of moderate democrat. The problem that Santorum has in his race is that its PA. You know you’ve got Pittsburgh and Philadelphia the two biggest cities, big democrat cities. Even in the suburbs of Philadelphia where you have sort of republicans they are not republicans on social matters. They’re like Arlen Specter. They’ll be ok on foreign policy and economics and so forth but when it comes to social [issues] and by that I mean abortion these people are moderate as he can be.

I’ve run into these people, they come up to me frequently and say,
"You’ve got to get the Christian right out of the party. We’re never going to
get anywhere unless you get the Christian right out of the party." And what they mean is ‘you’ve got to drop this abortion business’ and what they mean by that is ‘my wife is nagging me I can’t stay a republican because my wife…" Philadelphia, suburban Philadelphia, where the republicans live becoming more and more like suburban New York City. And so those are the two big population centers and that’s one of Santorum’s problems.

What these non-social issue Republicans are in denial about is it's the socially conservative Christian part of the party that is the reason Republicans are in power. Don't give me any of that "we're never going to get anywhere until we get the Christian right out of the party" crap. The only reason our party has gone anywhere is because of the religious right -- why are the Democrats softening their position on abortion, not strengthening it? Because they know that supporting abortion on demand is a losing position. Finally, pro-lifers are the ones having children, who will be future Republicans, while the pro-aborts are aborting their children or not having any at all. The future of the Republican Party is literally in the pro-life movement. Go to the March for Life vs. any pro-abortion march. Notice the age difference -- Sen. Santorum does, and I'm sure going home to his 6 children reinforces his belief every day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Bob Casey: Silent on Alito

According to a Strategic Vision Poll, the overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians want to see Judge Alito confirmed to the Supreme Court.

"Do you approve or disapprove of President Bush's nomination of Samuel Alito to the United States Supreme Court to replace Sandra Day O'Connor?"

Where does Democrat Bob Casey stand on Alito? Good question, a question I cannot answer because Casey remains silent on Alito even while the United States Senate, the job he is running for, has opened up Alito hearings and the vast majority of Senators have already commented on Alito.

Senator Rick Santorum, on the other hand, is in the mainstream of Pennsylvanians as he supports Judge Alito becoming our next justice on the Supreme Court.

Santorum's campaign manager puts it well when he says

“If he refuses to let Pennsylvanians know his position on Judge Alito's nomination now, how can anyone have confidence that he'll fight for them on the Senate floor for the next 6 years?” – Vince Galko

Why this unnecessary silence on Alito?

Because Bob Casey is simply playing a tricky game of poltics with Pennsylvanians. He knows that if he supports Judge Alito, the $150,000 contributions from leftist fringe group will stop coming in. He knows that if he opposes Alito, he will be out of the mainstream with Pennslyvanians and will hurt any chance of winning the votes of pro-life Democrats and moderate Republicans.

Don't be fooled by Casey's games. From what it appears, Casey is following the almighty liberal fringe group dollar and is running away from principle. Let's fight to keep Rick Santorum in the United States Senate and not let this spineless, unprincipled politican replace him!

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