Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Daily Kos on Bobby Casey Jr.'s Strategy: "Sitting on his Ass"

.... Well it ain't quite working.

I almost do not want to post this because it might tip the Casey camp off to a deep, dark, well-kept secret:


Apparently the Casey camp didn't get the memo.

Kos on Casey:

Rick Santorum (R) went from 43/50 to 48/45 approval/disapproval. I guess Bob Casey's (D) strategy of sitting on his ass and coasting his way to the Senate ain't working out so well. Why he hasn't been hitting Santorum while the incumbent has been down is beyond me.”

And if Casey has been "sitting on his ass," where has he been all this time?

Well, we know he certainly has not been to work....

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Rick Santorum "Keeps up the Fight," closes the gap, Gov. Rendell endorses!

Rick Santorum has once again proved why nobody should have written him off, even after months of Casey double-digit leads.

Becuase when it comes down to it, Santorum is a fighter. And he doesn't lose.

Latest proof:

1) Only down by 6 in the latest poll
2) Has double the cash Casey does, most out of any Republican senate candidate

But the BIGGEST news this weekend are quotes from Governor Ed Rendell:

"Rick Santorum has proven that he gets the job done. Time and time again he has come through," Mr. Rendell said in an interview conducted by the Trib's Salena Zito for a July 31 Weekly Standard magazine commentary on the Santorum-Casey race. "I will eventually campaign with Casey. But, no, you won't see me attack Santorum. I work well with him ... . When it comes to Pennsylvania, Santorum delivers."…

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