Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Bob Casey on Alito... Still Waiting... And Waiting...

Short Summary of Bob Casey's apperance on the Michael Smerconish talk show this morning...

This guy is just dumb. He's purely running off of his dad's name and has absolutely no political insight of his own. He either goes by what Santorum says or what the dems way the heck out in left field tell him to say.

More on Alito.. This is a great letter released today by Santorum's campaign manager.:

Pittsburgh, PA - Despite Bobby Casey, Jr.'s public silence on the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito, Vince Galko, campaign manager for Santorum 2006, issued a letter of congratulations to Casey, Jr., for his expected support of the nomination.

"I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you ahead of time for what we expect will be your support of the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court," wrote Galko.

"Just as you have done in the past, you wait for Senator Santorum to do the in-depth analysis on an issue, and then days or weeks later, you come out with the same position. For example, on questions about supporting the Iraq war or working to reduce home heating costs, you watched Rick Santorum articulate his positions, and then followed his lead by stating the same position on the issue."

"As for Judge Alito, Senator Santorum spent a great deal of time studying his record and qualifications, and personally asked him many questions about his judicial philosophy during their meeting. The Senator recognizes the unique responsibility that he has as a senator to consider judicial nominees, and he closely examined Judge Alito before voicing his support of his nomination."

"There is no question that Judge Alito will be a fair-minded justice on the Supreme Court, and we congratulate you for following Rick Santorum's leadership with your expected support of this well-qualified nominee," Galko concluded.

I love it.

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