Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Bob Casey's Lead in the Polls against Santorum shrinks.. again...

Current Rasmussen poll puts Casey under 50%... a 4 point drop since February.

Santorum: 38%
Casey: 48%

This drop is significant since there was virtually no drop in Casey's poll numbers for 3 consecutive months. So what drove his poll numbers down? Abortion. Which is what will continue to pull Casey down.uy

Let's face it.. Liberal democrats believe in an abortion-on-demand, responsibility-free society. They believe in a Culture of Death. The more they realize Casey doesn't share their "values," they are less likely to support him. While they will probably never join the Santorum camp, one has to believe they won't bother going to the polls in November.

Memo to Casey: despite rhetoric, the Democratic party will always hold dear their "value" of abortion-on-demand.

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