Monday, October 09, 2006


"Oh where oh where could Bobby Casey Jr. be? Bill Clinton took him away from me..."

Let's let the "mainstream media" take it from here....

Philadelphia Daily News:

"So far, Casey has barely communicated to voters that he is anything more than the anti-Santorum...For the most part, Casey has played it safe throughout the campaign, limiting his appearances and the number of debates....But the danger, experts say, is that if Casey doesn't define himself to voters, Santorum will do it for him..."

-- Catherine Lucey, "Casey's Plan: Play It Safe," Philadelphia Daily News, October 9, 2006

The Philadelphia Inquirer:

"....Consider a snapshot of their schedules. Casey has campaigned on the weekends, but made no public appearances between Monday and Friday this week. He raised money Thursday with Bill Clinton, but unlike other Democrats who paraded the former president before TV cameras that day, Casey closed his event to the media. His staff refused to disclose details.

By contrast, Santorum held eight public events, hosting a town hall meeting on immigration, announcing a $20 million public housing grant and raising $275,000 with former President George H.W. Bush. Two weeks ago, Casey skipped two candidate forums. Santorum went to both - and hauled along an empty chair to make a point."

-- Carrie Budoff, "Santorum stalls as Casey idles in lead," The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 8, 2006

Allentown Morning Call:

"There they were, just miles apart, using the popularity of former presidents to pad their campaign coffers last week. But while Sen. Rick Santorum invited hordes of reporters in a push for publicity during his appearance in suburban Philadelphia with President George H.W. Bush, Bob Casey Jr. kept the media at bay in another event nearby. Casey's closed-door fundraiser Thursday with former President Bill Clinton was part of a five-day stretch for Casey that didn't include a single public event...'You can't hide forever,' Santorum campaign manager Vince Galko said Friday, echoing what has been a mantra by the Santorum staff throughout the race."

-- Josh Drobnyk, "Politics as Usual," Allentown Morning Call, October 8, 2006

Allentown Morning Call:

Casey, meanwhile, has come under fire for dodging Santorum at a pair of public forums last month. Nor has Casey been aided by a campaign strategy that seems designed to make him purposefully inaccessible.

-- John Micek, "Poll: Rendell leads governor's race; negative ads affecting Senate contest," Allentown Morning Call, October 9, 2006

Pittsburgh Tribune Review:

"Casey has refused to debate [Santorum] more frequently, appears to take vague positions on some issues and generally keeps a low-profile, analysts say."

-- Brad Bumsted and David M. Brown, "Santorum alive, but Casey in control," Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, October 8, 2006


Casey's strategy has been essentially to say as little specifically as possible, and on the big issues where voters are tired of Santorum, be the fresh face....Frankly, I have always believed voters deserve to know what candidates plan to do, and generally applaud candidates like Santorum and Gov. Rendell who make bunches of specific promises.

-- Peter L. DeCoursey, "Santorum paying candor tax that should shame PA voters," Capitolwire, October 9, 2006

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